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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mistake or lesson????

Take your time to believe that which you are conventionally expected to believe. 

We are not expected to make any mistakes, but are there any absolute mistakes in Life's lessons?

I can tell you with absolute certainty, that from my perspective, there are no such things as mistakes!!!

Only experiences from which we can learn and appreciate!

Sometimes, we have to 'step back' from the experience to fully appreciate it, learn from it; but when we do, we grow so much!

I believe there are NO mistakes or failures in Life provided we perceive them as LESSONS.

Life has infinite possibilities for each of us. Neither our biology, geography nor religion really has complete influence on our pathways.

You may have seen this fact in the same household how siblings are VERY distinct from one another.

We had to define 2 words "perception" and "mistake".

Going back to the concept of paradigm shifting, and the fact that the image formed in our minds about a certain issue is nothing more than a formation from our past experiences and what we grew up believing from the our community and that image will, accordingly, differ between people, as they have different experiences and may be, cultural or religious background.

So, the perception of a "mistake" will differ widely between people.

I believe that some mistakes, if that what they call it are really little miracles that are presented to us & we don't really see the essences of them.

I believe that everything is a lesson for us to learn & look at the so call mistake and see what we can take from it to improve or expand our awareness of our human aspects.