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Friday, July 27, 2012

The power of ONE...

It's important to tune into your true "yes" and your true "no" and not get caught up in pleasing others over listening to your Spirit. As six sensory we can lose touch with or ignore our own needs all too easily.

Be aware of crazy makers.....people whose energy causes drama and upset wherever they go... it is OK to step away from such energetic disturbances. Take care to love your Spirit by placing yourself in positive energy.

As six sensory, we need time spent doing nothing but relaxing. Stepping away from the routines of the thinking mind opens us to subtle realms, the day dreaming mind, and this is where we make contact with our higher self, our spirit guides, and divine helpers. 
We need a vacation from the left brain to visit the right brain, and it should be taken often.

Do a vibe check on the atmosphere in your home and your workplace today. If the energy is dark, stale, heavy, stressful turn on the music, open the window for a moment, let some fresh air in, ring some bells, and clap your hands, sing Fa la la la la and dance for a minute or two. 
Yes it might seem crazy to some but it will raise the vibration and everyone will feel better. Blame the craziness on Jack Frost.

I'm had the most wonderful visit with my friend Petra. She is incredible. Filled with love humour and gratitude for every single sip of life. I'm so blessed to have all these friends in my life.

Being alive is a joy; breathe in all you are grateful for. Today I am grateful to be preparing for the guides workshop this weekend at Adam’s school. I love teaching this workshop and I feel so grateful for my spirit guides help in every way.

Who or what bothers you the most today is your teacher.....what bothers me most today is that I do not have more time...I am learning to live more and more in timelessness.....Ahhh! Ha!

I am so humbled and amazed at the collective genius, creativity, dedication, determination and pure love of humanity. The human spirit is Divine.

Don't forget to laugh today! Laughter connects you to the delights of the world and opens your heart chakra. So, share a laugh with a friend or have a daily ritual. I like to make faces while I brush my teeth.

Have you ever stopped and realized that you're not breathing? 
Take a moment to be quiet today whether it is: meditation, reflection, prayer, quiet thought. 
Allowing yourself a moment of solitude and peace will feed your spirit and allow emerging on higher vibrations. 
In our busy world, we usually stop to take a second to breathe but it helps our spirit phenomenally!

If you feel restless or fearful speak your fears and anxieties out loud. The more you put them in the light, the quicker they begin to evaporate.

I have been reminded, once again, after last night's performances that there is some real talent in people I thought I knew well, but didn't really.

"Never assume you know anyone well." Wow! That is so true. We all have so many more talents than are revealed in a day. 
Reveal one of your hidden talents today and surprise the people who think they know you. It’s wonderful for everyone.

The best you can do for the miserable of this world is don't be one of them. 

How can you be happy today? 
I'm going to ride my bike which I love, after that will have coffee with the gang. 
That will do it for me.