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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Habits are outward expressions of our beliefs. No wonder they can be hard to change. We often need to revise a beliefs before we can change, stop or add a habit.

We have to want it, if we don't think we have the self-control or ability to change, that's the belief we need to work on before we can begin to change a habit.

Like me, you...we want simplicity, inner peace, when we have that we feel liberated and humble too. We have to be open to look for any personal beliefs that have held us back from change in the past, we can improve ourselves by admitting that we can improve ourselves....that's the doorway to change.

When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy. I have to stop telling that I'm OK whereas I'm not.... just because I don't want you or others to worry.

I need for you to understand where I'm at with my health so that it can be less stressful for everyone involved, even when we care for each other, so you could help to ease the pain

I have to watch what i eat with my asthma condition.....it can cause a heart disease. Simplify, simplicity that's what we need, elimination of none essentials!

Keep it simple, there's so many distraction, so little time. Regardless of our religious persuasion, we are spiritual creatures.
The rush and hurry and all the wonderful STUFF none of this makes us truly happy.
It is wise to reduce the elements that make up our lives, from the size and contents of our home to the commitments on our calendars, we can prune our lifestyle to a healthy size that leaves more room for our spirits to grow.

We have to continuing to protect our life from too many distractions.

We need to be humble.