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Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking a breathe...

I make a personal commitment to speak my truth, so it is out there.

Today, notice what you are afraid of...say it out loud. Each time you do, also notice where you are right now... and say that out loud as well.
Do this for several minutes. It releases fear and brings you to the present moment. Try it. It is an amazing way to be free of fear in a moment.

You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time. Breathe. Let the worry go. Breathe; allow the love and intuition in.

Each breath brings a sense of peace. 

I don't remember where but I read somewhat recently that when you take a breath it refocuses your mind and that worry isn't there after the breath.

When looking for guidance take a breath, place your hand over your heart, and say" my heart says..." then fill in the blank.

Guidance is there of you allow your heart to speak.

Sometimes we feel guidance that we do not want to acknowledge. It may be a gut feeling that something is off or not quite honest or true. 

Believe your intuition, especially at times when it is most difficult to do.

Be clear about what you are seeking guidance on. Learn all you can about your question, separating fact from fiction, and then turn it over to your Higher Self for guidance. Say "Higher self... move me in the direction of my highest well on this matter...”

Then be flexible enough to be moved.

Be flexible today, I find flexibility brings spontaneity. I love it; intuition gives you an opportunity to make a new and better choice than the one you may be in the habit of making.

Listen and follow a new way today.

The more you choose to do things that uplift yourself and others the more Your Spirit can shine, can heal you, and can lead your life.