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Friday, July 20, 2012

Observation, awareness, conciseness....how ever you put it

When you observe anything/one of a lower energy level/ refinement than yourself, are THANKFUL for ALL your blessings, breathe and SMILE.

It’s not a matter of geography or social status at birth than determines the QUALITY of thy personalities, rather a collection of CONSCIOUS choices every step of our individual journey.

The statement kind of assumes a position of judgement, humm many are exactly where they are supposed to be regardless of station, intellect, etc.

An interesting example would be to decide that the level of consciousness of the planet is inadequate because it does not speak directly to us in English or the language of our preference?

And being appreciative that we are better than the "stupid" Earth. LOL!!!

The quality of superficial personality is directly related to quality of life and interpretation of sense of value of self...

There are more reasons to be thankful than to compare oneself to another...i.e. thank God I have all of my fingers and toes, or Thank Goodness I was not born poor, etc.

We forget that everyone plays their roles for a reason, in the larger human drama.

It should really be a self statement of Thank God, I am so happy I have another opportunity to be my unique authentic genuine representation of your love on this planet.

Well, I speak on what I perceive on a day-to-day basis more than really what I pond over an extended period of time.

Being who I am- a minority in nearly every sense, it’s only natural to discuss this topic.

I find it more ALIVE to speak of NOW. :) As I unfold my petals of growth, I share with all of YOU my journey.

Therefore when I know better I do better,
I do not want an excuse not to do my best,
I am thankful for my faith in good,
I am created in the image of what I hold dear.