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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Money is beautiful

Money is energy and part of you.
It is warm, nurturing, empowering and very important.

I'm not talking about what money can do; I mean money itself, the energy of money.

• If you feel any resistance to the words above, reflect on this:

Is your personal experience one of prosperity, lack of abundance or abundance of lack?

What are your biggest fears around money? What is their origin?

Is money spiritual? Can one be enlightened and have great personal wealth?

What are your beliefs and patterns on money? Bring them to the surface.

What's the connection between wealth, health and relationships?

Can money accelerate your personal development and soul journey?

Do you feel that you have to sacrifice your happiness to make money?

Do you believe that there is one cake? And that if you take a large piece of it,
others will be allowed less cake?

Are you in joyous celebration of successful people? Do you bless them and their gorgeous bodies,
cool sports cars, awesome trips and balanced family lives?

Do you believe money changes a person, or just amplifies who they already are?

Do you feel guilty for receiving money as a gift? Do you view rich people as "lucky"?

Does your personal contribution and value to others influence your financial freedom?

Do you think that if you followed your heart and gave your gift to the world,
that you would be rewarded financially?

Do you believe that if you had more money you could express your true self better?

Can you find a Catch-22 in the two questions above?

Is the energy of money fair? Do you respect money?

Have you personally met any truly wealthy and balanced people?

Do you believe money is a cause or an effect? (Is happiness a cause or an effect?)

What are some qualities and virtues of self-made wealthy people?

Do you think focusing on money will get you more of it?

Do you feel like you're doing "your best", and still have an empty bank account?

How can your financial situation affect your family, friends
and the lives of everyone you interact with?

Do you have financial intelligence?

Has money something to do with your perception of self-worth?

What's the link between appreciation, alignment and prosperity?

If you believe money cannot buy happiness, look at how you use it.

If you believe that getting more money will remove the worry around money, you are inexperienced.

If you want to help the poor and powerless, it's a bad idea to be poor and powerless.

Shortage of time is not your problem.

Be generous.

You cannot get what you want while focusing on the absence of it.

Why can financial abundance flow into your personal experience? (I did not ask how.)

• The definition/test of if something can bring you happiness is:

The more I do of it, the better I feel

The more I do of it, the better I feel

Money is a store of life energy, and when we can channel that life energy into an expression of what is most dear to our soul, an exciting alignment takes place between our financial and spiritual lives.

We are free when we move from a focus on getting love, abundance, peace and freedom to being love, abundance, peace, and freedom. – Brent Kessel

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