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Friday, July 13, 2012

CHOOSE what/how/when

People can affect you ONLY as much as you let them affect you!

I’m just rekindling a thought that was lingering my mind.

Time and again I have had unavoidable individuals whose role seemed to be only to discourage me. It’s amazing beyond a certain point in Life you figure out what you REALLY want to do and feel so relieved when you discover your passion, only to discover it’s just the beginning for all the ridicule and resistance human ability could possibly create.

I have reached that level of maturity to realize "people can only affect you as much as you LET them affect you."

After wards, the only thing I do is smile when someone tries very hard to harm my self-esteem; it’s been the most liberating and peaceful feeling on Earth so far.

Nothing realistically attainable is impossible to achieve. Impossible it is saying "I'm-Possible".

We can't control other's thoughts and actions regardless how much we love/ care for them. Remember, every soul is given their very own body. 

We get authority over our own Life. The BEST we can do is making it phenomenal. The Best we can also do is expecting the LEAST from others. 
That way you wouldn't be disappointed. You'd rather be happier when someone pleases you beyond your expectations than vice versa.

Motivation is the key force driving you to do something, yet you should set your expectations right! Don’t have high expectations in people. They are changing with time and circumstance.

Expectations are vital. But the Q is on whom? 

The more we drive ourselves further to become more refined every day; we can reap more wholesome results. 
See, I believe it’s futile to simply expect MORE from others. Instead I see it pragmatically healthier to challenge ourselves to achieving greater heights. 

SO I'd conclude on exceptions saying elevate your exceptions on thyself because you are more capable than you assumed as you have far more potential in anything you would focus on achieving!

Yes, we should set very low expectations. I couldn't agree more on people changing for circumstances in this opportunistic world. It’s truly a challenge to get through anything without having that element of mistrust unless you know someone inside out.

Agreed again those who hurt you make you stronger and wiser- Been there myself too. 

It’s truly unbearable at times when you are scared by those very people you "expect" to be there for you no-matter-what and treat you right apart from nice. 

But that's reality for us. The sooner we realize we can only count on ourselves and God 100% the lesser chances of getting disappointed in the future.

Our minds are truly the filter with the freedom to selective absorb that which it desires. If only everyone could realize and utilize this liberty our world would be a different place won't it?!

Sometimes one needs to dive deeper despite portraying a complex image in order to explain a fine point. 

If the perceiving end is still interested further it could be explained via a different angle.