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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The wheel line..

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

Come out of the circle of time, and into the circle of love with the, THE CIRCLE OF HANDS to remain in the circle of love today and always.

Love really transcends time as long as I’m concerned; we’ve got love TRIANGLE these days instead of a circle of love!

The circle of illusion..... Up is down and sideways is straight ahead. Time is an illusion anyway!

Love defeats time that’s the secret ;) its more powerful than time. Time if left unguided is what kills love and life and freedom.

“Ocean absorbing a drop is no wonder,
But drop absorbing ocean is a wonder,” – Kabir

Meditation is silent musical alignment with the creator, while prayers are verbal alignment with the Law of Attraction.

The path to ultimate truth is a process in which a person undergoes constant transformation. 

Those who journey in company with others, which are most, also undergo transformation as a group whose members are continually growing spiritually.

Hence, the pursuit of truth through the practice of perennial wisdom is an ever dynamic unfolding; in which appreciation of this wisdom is constantly deepening as one's ability to experience it increases.

Get out of the circle of time and enters the circle of love!!!