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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love your life and live your spirit!!!

Let us join together and open our hearts and shine our spirits on all those who are in darkness and despair.

Let us join together in asking forgiveness Mother Earth for all the ways in which we have not been her good caretakers.

Let us pray to learn new things, be at peace with ourselves, respectful, loving ways to live in harmony with this beautiful earth, with each other, and with ourselves.

Let us pray for guidance.

My prayer for the day:
I choose to live in joy this day, sending love, compassion, and forgiveness to those who have fallen under the illusion that violence of any sort is ever justified.

I call their Spirit back to true self and Divine Source as a sister and friend, and continue to pray for those who suffer their illusions.

Beauty feeds the spirit.

Beauty in nature.

Beautiful architecture.

Beautiful music.

Beautiful art.

One of our greatest expressions as divine beings is to create beauty.

One of our greatest spiritual pleasures is to experience beauty.

There is so much I am aware I really love.

I love my family and my wonderful friends.

I love my work and the people I am so blessed to know through it.

I love the beauty and creativity of the people and this planet.

I love riding my bike, swimming, outdoor concerts, dancing anywhere anytime.

I love my tea, good food, and good UNDERWEAR!

I've experienced some very disappointing and hurtful energy today. It's time to ask myself "how might I have attracted this and what am I to learn." Not sure just yet.

I'm still stinging from the experience. I know it will become apparent in time if I open myself to the deepest truth of my Spirit.
This is what we are all being asked to do as co-creators at this time Sending love to you and me as we grow.

Thunderstorms overhead...thunderstorms inside...clearing...cleansing...electrifying...exciting...new things are gathering in the air ...stale energy moving out.

One of the most liberating spiritual practices of all is telling the truth, to yourself and those you love, clearing the air, and walking your talk.

I believe in my values and my rules, but never lord them over others.

It is not enough to speak your truth if the choices you make and the behaviours you display do not honestly reflect that truth.

As for me, I'm truthfully pooped after an intense and exciting week of work out to get my fitness level up. . Truthfully I am clearing some past wounds and moving on to new things. AAAHHHH!

Feels encouraging.

I am so very grateful for the gift of my life this day.

I am grateful for my challenges as well as that which comes to soothe.

I am grateful for all messages sent my way, even if painful of hard to take in.

I am a grateful and humble student this day, learning ever more to surrender my attachments, and allow the divine plan to override my own plans.