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Friday, July 13, 2012

Good morning!!!

Are you more aware of the behaviour of others or your own behaviour? 

Me, my own 
but it's not far behind my aware of others. 

I critic my behaviour and 
care about it and 
I critic others too 
but don't care it. 

The whole world revolves around me :-)


I know what low-hanging fruits are, but I'm not here to score likes and shares; this page is my Bonsai Tree of Beauty, and mostly a collection of reminders to me.

That others find value is great and it feels like I've been able to attract a quality tribe, even though few of the total user-base ever comment, share or click like – value is perceived.

My wall is not open to external entries, but I do respond personally to every message and mail I get – at times both humbled and amazed.

My personal notes are seen by few.

I have no regularity on posts and drop by whenever I feel like sharing what's on my mind. 
I do few call-to-actions besides occasional questions, as I personally find that approach please like or share

Express yourself visually, authentically and use space/paragraphs in your text and comments. Just my two cents.