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Monday, July 30, 2012

Let go and let your Higher Power in.

It is a good day to cut cords and end attachments to those people and things that no longer resonate with you that you are becoming today. 

Just open your heart and let go. 
No judgements. No story. 
No explanation. 
Just release and be done. 
Then get ready for the new energy and the new people who match your energy today.

We say this so often to people who don't know how to just release and be done. 

So, what they are left with is repression. And then it just comes up again later, and possibly uglier. 

Release is a process of becoming one with the Self. Then one doesn't need to worry with what others are up to, or what they have done.

Now find the strength to let go, a hard step, but one with no regrets. I've done this. It really makes people mad and they think you're crazy. But that is there issue not mine. My goal is just to be happy.

When it's time to go, it's time to go. Somewhere we know this--but we allow our bargains with reality to keep us from the truth of acceptance. 
But here's the thing. Repression is not going to work any better than bargains. When it’s time to go, walk through the going as if it is a gift--because it is. 
But don't repress your feelings about it--they are also a gift.

Every time you let go of something or someone negative, it or they are replaced with a positive.

When we call our energy home into our hearts, honouring, nurturing and revitalizing the song that always resides within us, our song is energetically heard by all beings on the same frequency. 

Let us sing, and in our singing, encourage others to join the ballad of self love and devotion to grace.