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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I never ask for your opinion..

The responsibility of Freedom includes allowing others to be free to make their own choices even when we disagree with seemingly valid reasons.

Disagreeing without judgement is to act responsibly with freedom. Even if it means sometime being assertive, and with seemingly valid reasons.

I believe the greatest favour one human can do to another is respect his or her idea of freedom.

As in someone who thinks they can enforce a karma situation on someone who they don't even know personally right?

I mean when we share our experiences, our duty stops at sharing alone. We can't enforce anything beyond expressing.

That's true, but then you have someone who will try and manipulate a situation of someone who is not hip to what's going on, then what's been shared off rumours... some pretty clever ones.

We're only in control of our actions via our intentions. Everyone has the freedom to exercise this right and they shall reap the seeds they sow based on their intentions too.

I think that's an important one. I can only present my view and no matter how valid I find e.g vegetarianism or religion or else I have to allow the freedom of choice to others!

There is no such thing as total freedom unless one is isolated to one's self - we must respect boundaries.
Inter-dependence > independence > dependence.

People do not like freedom - so they hire bureaucrats to protect them from it.