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Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are in service to Humanity by serving ourselves. Please note this isn't the same as being selfish or egotistic, rather a ripple effect of self-care and self love overflowing inside out.

Our Power resides not in controlling each other, but rather in allowing each other to be through our Innate Freedom.

"Live and Let Live" can only be experienced on a daily basis as we respect each other.
May we-
Live and let live
Love and let love
Breathe and let Breathe.

When the mind respects the Heart, the Heart takes care of the Spirit and Body. Listen to the music in the cords of your Heart and Joy will follow you like your shadow.

Depends which perspective we are considering. The middle path is healthy for our Spiritual Balance, yet in the corporate world it is often the mediocre path. Every action has its consequences, hence requires our undivided responsibility.

Challenges express themselves to us in diverse ways. Sometimes directly looking us in the face, while at other times they appear camouflaged and present themselves to us in small doses.

Our destiny is not determined by where we came from or what materialistic things we were given, but rather is determined by the choices we make every moment with whatever is at hand and by where we choose to go from Here.

YOU decide your own worth. We receive the respect we give our Self. Decide and don't look back.