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Monday, June 4, 2012

We spoke when we should have listened, walked when we should have waited, judged when we should have trusted.

Most people never speak from the hearts because they cannot locate it...

The truth is, most people don't want to have to think, it seems to be too stressful to think. All most are doing is following someone else's rules, “you have obeyed”! 

I don’t discuss politics and religion. Oh and I don’t vote either because I’m not allowed to, I’m too young ;-)

The problem is trying to pick a politician to vote for is like trying to pick a hooker at a brothel...because you know either way they are dirty and it will cost you later.

Our votes are meaningless, and our opinions, the opinions and desires of "the governed" are ignored to favour the wants of the very very few. 

What do we do with this knowledge? 

The elected leaders lie to us, and we've been told nothing but lies our entire lives. Many are now waking up to the fact that our governments are nothing like the myths they tell us in school.

As we become aware of it, the government is determined to shut society down, and they are doing it very rapidly. 

The only thing happening in politics is lies, deception, manipulation, brainwashing; fear inducing control tactics and suppression of the people, break free from the matrix and seek truth, within!

This is happening all over the world, pressured no doubt by the very same forces - financial forces, primarily, but money is power. 
No candidate comes forward, well a few do telling some truth, but they are shut down, too, by the "media" which is run by these same forces. 
How to change, really change it?

I see lots of people thinking, these new understandings and thinking of how to arrange society so this does not keep happening. 
But how.

Most people misunderstand our elections. 
Electing one person i.e.: President doesn't change the balance of the Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court. 
Elections matter and who we vote for matters. Discerning and researching who is telling the "truth" is a full time job. 
My personal "litmus" test on anything, the question I always ask myself is this: 
Who is speaking words that seek to unite people and include all and who speaks words that divide us and pit us against one another? 

Who leads by example?