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Saturday, June 9, 2012

One You Come into the light

All is well, just remember that, especially when it's not. Life has a way of taking care of itself. Circumstances don't matter. Only your state of being matters, be bad, but in a good way.

Pay attention to the vibration of your own voice, and feel the truth within it. Say it with certainty and excitement in a calm way.

Now, what state of being do you prefer?

Choose, and behave towards the circumstances that way. This will shift you reality.

Remember that the first manifestation is always an emotional one; let that be enough and all else will follow.

So I did all the things I know are good for me. Breathe, eat a healthy dinner, be in presence and accept what is, go running in nature, find beauty and appreciation, call a friend, drink water, get a massage, meditate, humour, get a good night sleep, and breathe some more…

Opening to acceptance, gratitude, seeing the value of the experience, giving meaning and moving on.  In retrospect everything is relative.

Ultimately peace was found once I let go of all control, in total surrender.