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Thursday, June 28, 2012


To me one way of knowing when you are wrong is when you are able to look at something in its own light and not through your own biased preconceived ideas.

The difference would be that it will make be fruitful one way or the other

The change will be your ability to grow, mental progression, strength to accept rest of the humanity as one and not as non Muslim, Hindu Jew Christian atheist etc, but as human beings.

When you learn something new it can either nullify what you knew before if it was wrong, or it can enhance the knowledge you already had

Stupid is a choice, not to have knowledge is not making one stupid, but not WANTING new knowledge is stupidity

Nothing wrong if the new info is wrong too, if the truth is looked for, IT WILL FIND YOU (sooner or later)

Growth and learning are luxuries for those who put aside their preconceived ideas and always listen, read, search to LEARN and not to REFUTE others.

My thoughts only feel free to agree, oops I mean disagree: D

See, if I have a stone and call it apple with A B C D F G H vitamins, it will not produce these vitamins no matter how strong my belief is...

The reality won't change because of one’s belief; the reality will serve its purpose no matter what-

That’s why belief is for religious "lakeer ke fakeer", sheep, reality are for progressive humans, and why the Quran challenged everyone else