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Monday, June 25, 2012


Trust your timing, and be curious.

You always get what you need.

If what you want is not available now, then there must be an excellent reason for this.

Shift focus to something that is working for you, go for general wellbeing, find appreciation and the specific challenge will resolve in due time.

If you don't have a reason to be happy, make one up.

Always live in the question!

And if things seem to be going all "wrong," flip that polarity with a question like,
 "What's right about this that I'm not seeing?" or
 "What's right about this situation that I'm refusing to know, see, receive or perceive?"

Then ask the Universe,
"How does it get any better than this?"
Totally shifts the energy!

What has to happen has to happen whether you like it or not...

Locks are not manufactured without a Key as such GOD did not create you without a solution to overcome...!

We can always grow from the thought things we go thru not just the easy ones.

It makes us stronger and prepares us for other things in life!

Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate. 
So practice happy thinking every day. 
Cultivate the merry heart, develop the happiness habit, and life will become a continual feast.