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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's your take???

Even 'the bad' in life contributes to the good. It is not an easy concept to master. But I do feel like I am a catalyst and a conduit for change.

Life is in us but the illusion is that we separate ourselves from the drama. To change the drama we need to change. We are the solution, the absolute solution, the only consciousness.

How do you ride the tides of all events? If you're in a situation that you find painful, how do you ride the tide?

Life is sacrifice, we must keep fighting till the end of time, even though sometimes we feel tired but it can’t make u hopeless.

Try finding the good in a given situation. There's always something you can find. People tend to focus on their rigid idea of what things should be rather than what is, which leads to suffering.

Focus on the thought of why and how and what should've happened but then you shall find the higher good of the situation and bounced rich back very quickly.

You are the creator of your thoughts. The mind is a tool that the spirit uses. Don't be a puppet of your mind, decide how you want to feel then look for all the things you have to be grateful for.

In nature, there is decay, which allows for birth and new growth. All things happen for good, no matter what society say, because that’s all God is... Good!

My happiness is easy to wear, fits perfectly, looks good in all situations, and feels comfortable. What more could I need?