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Friday, June 15, 2012


The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear. – Aung San Suu Kyi

Why does fear arise when everything is going great?

Fear is the most solid of all energies. And importance is based on the fear of loss. If something is important, it is important because we don't want to lose it.

So, to really trigger those things that are holding us back, we can ask:
What's important to me?

And then process the fear behind losing that thing/person/situation/dream.
You see, we have been taught that it is the important things that give meaning to life and if we lose all the importance from our lives, then there will be no reason to live.

Yet, it is just those "importances", no matter how important, which are the "attachments" that keep us stuck in a low vibration level existence. – Inelia Benz

The interesting thing about this happiness equation is that there is no adding. Joy is, Love is – it is your natural state. 
Your job is to reduce the fear, so that the light of love can shine through.

No adding; that is a big challenge...us human beings we collect, contain, hold on to a lot of shit...and we also adds ownership, need of control and the fear of losing, into our love. 
A pure and joyful love = love-fear

By lessening the fear of loss, you are able to appreciate and love more fully everything that is important to you, because the only certainty is the impermanence of all things.

Would you agree that the first step to reduce fear is to acknowledge its presence?
The more you are aware of the fear, the less affected you are by it?
And the more you become aware of the love that you can give or receive?
That actually pretending that you do not experience fear makes it stronger, gives it 'hidden' power over you?
This way the important can stay important but love gets stronger?
Why shouldn't important be important after all?
Why deprive it of its meaningfulness?

 The more something is important the more grateful you can feel - the more grateful you feel the more joy you invite into your life.  I don't know - I'm only asking your opinion... As this is my experience through my travel - travel in life.

If you have enough love and support coming at you, you are going to start opening. And if you open, you are going to meet your fear. Waking up is a very scary thing. So scary that most people do not do it.

The stages of awakening that I've gone through that I felt most powerful were either preceded by or followed by enormous fear. As I allowed more love and heart in, I had to feel at a whole new level the fear.

Just when you think life and love for yourself and others is going well, fear raises its head to test those feelings, the fear/trials are here to test us in our journey on our own paths, your feet lag when heartbroken but strong steps are needed in these times

Fear of success?
Success often means greater responsibility, expectations by others for us to duplicate that success again and again. These can be a great source of fear in people.

Fear of happiness is common. Many find it easier to accept failure because we are often taught to prepare for the worse. It is not uncommon for people to have planned a,b, c... z in case things go wrong. We have to learn to prepare for the best as well.

When everything goes well and we start feel fear shows that we care, we love and we appreciate so much what we hold and we start be afraid of not losing it ...that moment is when we start loose what we love... our actions becoming stressed and full of worries that eventually bring opposite results

Because change is inevitable in life and it is ok to wish for it when things are not good, but if things are so good, why would we want it. We would then only desire further development of good. Hence the fear.
Maybe not over, just different, new levels, new energies, it's all in perspective and what you tell yourself that you want it to be.
You can also see this in the world situation today, as consciousness expands and a cycle is ending, there's a cleaning process, energy intensifies and some events need to be played out before we move on. 'Bad' things are not bad things unless you choose to view them as such. It's a choice point.

Remember nothing has inherent built-in meaning, everything is neutral. You assign meaning. If you assign the meaning you prefer, the event can provide the effect you want.

The greatest power requires the lightest touch.
There are "bad things" and "bad phases" however we want to view it...BUT....perhaps their purpose is ultimately good. Rejuvenation, new found appreciation and preparation for new phases. 
Also we know that when things are “bad" that at some time we can expect the change and it will usually be a big change.
I learned that there is nothing as bad or as good; these 2 are the one and the alike. And personally I don’t care if the fount is rusty as long as the water coming out of it is clear -and is all it matters