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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am that I am, that I am You are

 I want to Fuck life. 

I want to Fuck the world – truly.

 I want to make love with all its beautiful forms and situations.

 Indulge in the darkness and smile at its ambient light. 

To live on the edge, to live in the present moment - with true purpose, free of fear.

"Passion", the only way to live & amp; experience life! I shall exude it well my friend =0)

 I will be part of a community of the most loving,

 inspirational and fun people on the planet, 

create a service to the world that my grandchildren will tell their children about, 

fly first class everywhere with my beautiful love partner and team,

 experience amazing health and 

move through every day with humor and gratitude. 

And so it is.

The image is called "Birth" by Willem Janssen.

"Birth is a sign of inner transformation, a shift in consciousness that manifest externally as rebirth or renewal, the arising of a New Earth.

The sign is about the effortless balancing of inner and outer, the removal of resistance and the ending of struggle."