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Friday, June 22, 2012

Your perception is your reality....

We are life itself; there is no reason to separate life from what we are.

The best argument you can make is no argument at all. Do not argue with life, or with anyone in life. Life presents itself perfectly in every moment, and every person believes his or her point of view to be valid and 'right.'

Sometimes it’s great fun to argue, at least for a little while. Done in the right perspective, much can be learned. That’s an interesting argument I say, but wouldn't life be boring if we all agreed with one another and had no arguments? 
Surely that is the spice of life! Idealistic maybe but unrealistic in my opinion.

I tend to argue too much, argument for improve, not for win a fight. I often learn a great deal from people with another POV. I think there is a place for argument but like fine wine it has to be cultivated and gracious.

Whatever is happening at any given moment, it’s happening exactly as it ought to......so if someone is arguing with you and telling you there perspective, try to remember that this is their perspective at that time, it may not be yours, but we don’t have to argue or agree, we just have to accept that they have a right to view their point from whatever perspective it comes from.

If we try and remember this, there would be no need for arguments as we wouldn't feel the need to defend ourselves and our perspectives/point of view. Whatever is happening is happening and I believe for a bigger reason than is presenting itself at that moment, denying it, closing our eyes and ears to it won’t set us free, merely it will contain us and close us down and love stands no chance of entering any of us when we are like this.

One must argue but with passion, credibility, and logic. One trait of a developed and highly conscious person who is not in the grips of ego is the ability to also see when you're not right and be quick to correct yourself.
Be who you are. Also be proud on it, you’re not doing wrong, never.

Instead of arguing, simply live and act according to your values...blaze a path and let others follow once they see the beauty of your actions.

The best way to change how things are going in this world is to be joyful and loving in the face of hatred and "evil". Plant the seed of love and maybe it will take root. Even if it doesn't, you can say you made a good choice.