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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just be....

I’ve asked myself again and again, ‘what kind of a mother I want to be, what kind of a wife am I and what kind of a life I’ll have?’

 Courage, courage is what I kept getting!

I will seek safety first, last, and all the time in the
constant inner thought of God-peace.

I will wipe the dream fears of disease, sadness, and
ignorance from the soul’s face of silence, with the veil of Divine peace.

I am protected behind the battlements of my good conscience.
I have burned my past darkness. I am interested only in today.
There is a right solution to every problem.
have within me the wisdom and intelligence to see this solution, and the courage and energy to carry it through.

God is within me and around me, protecting me so I banish
the gloom of fear that shuts out His guiding light and makes me stumble into
ditches of error.

Secret fear creates tension and anxiety, and brings ultimate
collapse. We must have faith in our ability, and hope in the triumph of a
righteous cause. If we do not posses these qualities, we must create them in
our mind through concentration. This can be accomplished by determined and
long-continued practice.

First, we must identify our defects. If, for example, we are
lacking in will power, let us meditate upon it, and through conscious effort we
shall be able to create strong willpower in ourselves.

If we want to relieve ourselves of fear, we should meditate
upon courage, and in due time we shall be frees from the bondage of fear.
Through concentration and meditation, we make ourselves powerful and able to
focus our attention.
Continual practice will enable us to concentrate our energy
upon a single problem or a single responsibility without any effort. It will become second nature to us, possessed
with this new quality; we shall succeed in our life’s undertakings, both
spiritual and material.