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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work, career ....

Sometimes I wonder if we choose the career or does the career destiny choose us.

Or if one feels like doing nothing, something will always come along.

Some sort of universal karmic guidance system, which to me is real universal unconditional love, to just go with the flow :)

I guess you’re never in a situation unless you can't handle it or unless you’re supposed to be.

The mindset and energy is linked directly... when you’re ready... when the universe aligns you is energy with where u should move next u cud feel it.
The vibrations with move u to your destiny. Slowly let steadily.. Trying to catalyse it with external sources may lead u to unhappiness...

We'd all make it. In time.

Every career choice has its pros and cons, fun and challenges.

If we seek lasting fulfilment via our career/ service to Humanity, then we should indeed prepare ourselves to put in the dedication, persistence, commitment and effort to make our dreams and goals into our tangible reality.

If success arrives overnight, it will indeed exit overnight too.

No Being can escape the Laws of Nature.

Nobody said greatness will be easy... they only said the experience will be worth it!

Unity and Responsibility