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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Forgive and forget

"Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast"

Assuming it is a onetime sin....

Forgiveness eases the pain and burden on the heart.

There are so many kinds of sins and the worst is not infidelity!!!

We must stop our dependence and addictions, even to human beings, and steer away from someone who crushes our heart and soul!!!

Intrinsic well-being and respect/love for oneself automatically will allow us to FORGIVE and FORGET ourselves for the wrong choices and years of CO-DEPENDANCE and FORGIVE anyone and everyone while at the same time refusing abuse and/or mistreatment!!!

That is why SELF-WORTH is the pre-requisite for everything including emotional and moral MATURITY!!!

Our children MUST be respected and loved in a healthy way in order to develop SELF-KNOWLEDGE, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, and SELF-WORTH ... which will extend to them doing the same for OTHERS.

In my 15 years of teaching, I put a lot of emphasis on the WHOLE child and I did meet a lot of OPPOSITION in that domain!!! Children to some were only or mainly cognitive/intellectual VASES to fill with FACTS!!!

I believe regardless gender EVERY SOUL deserves forgiveness whilst in an amateur phase of committing regretful actions.

This does NOT mean it can be repeated CONSCIOUSLY expecting forgiveness every time. That wouldn't be a mistake at all, rather intentional on every ground, having said that, it’s human nature for some to be MORE forgiving than others.

In the end, EVERYTHING we do, good and bad- boomerang back to us via Karma in various moulded manners.

So whatever you do to your partner, remember- What goes around undoubtedly comes around.

Just wanted to remind you to give yourself a break today.

Don't be so hard on yourself.
You are human.

Just keep doing your best. Strive to do better each day, but don't beat yourself up if you didn't quite
get there.

There is always tomorrow!

Do the right thing,
get called what you want to be called. Don't and risk being called something else.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.

When we open our hearts to embrace the gift of life, when we tenderly care for others, when we feel our inspired creativity flow into us, and we answer its call, then we Open the Door to Peace.

Take time to enjoy the journey.

Just be sure to nourish that tree with the right ingredients so it will grow big and strong.

That's exactly how it works since the beginning of mankind.

Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself in order to see yourself.


In Life You would come across things you don't like doing along the path to getting what you want. Don't surrender. These are simply trials of testing the survival of the BOLDEST. Be objective. If You REALLY open YOUR MIND and see BEYOND the challenges and discomforts which are only temporary hurdles, You will see your silver lining sooner than later.