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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pat Robertson

Better get your butt into school and study hard!! Pat Robertson just confirmed yet another spiritual truth - "It’s a sin to be stupid." I wonder if it is a sin to be senile too. If so, I think Pat may be on shaky ground... Good grief!!!!

It's a sin to be Pat Robertson. ROFL Pat Robertson is about the last person I would worry about their opinion of anything spiritual, he could be another nail in religions coffin as far as I am concerned...does that sound a bit jaded?? 

By the way, he is a good guy...He just has some pretty radical beliefs, and on top of that, he is getting old and says some pretty ridiculous things without thinking about what he says before he speaks.

I think he needs to retire from the airways and enjoy the rest of his life in private.

Just my two cents.