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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Attractiveness depends on more than nature plus art. 

A personality that brings beauty to life is what’s set apart the woman in the crowd. 

The beautiful woman is holistic, she has energy and she is generous. 

The person behind the outward images is what comes across loud and clear.

If, after 40, your face is of your own making, then the kind of person you have become has left its clear the imprint on your face, in the expression of your eyes, in the set of your mouth and the lines of your face.

All in all, a woman’s personality and character she had acquired will be apparent in her face.

Transformation from within can change a person’s face. We have all witnessed the significant differences the experience of being happy can bring about a person’s looks.

A ‘feel good’ attitude changes the way a woman carries herself, she stand taller, she has a spring in her step and her smiles more. This is no illusion, happiness translate itself physically and can transform the presentation of our self.

Most women would agree that true beauty is to be found in personality and character, the sort of beauty that comes from inward tranquillity and a warm of disposition.

A sense of humour, good natured and an alert mind are reflected on the face. A healthy lifestyle contributes as much, if not more, to looking good than expensive and skilfully used cosmetics.

The saying;
“Beauty may only be shin deep, but it’s what the skin beautiful is underneath that makes. Keep healthy and you’ll keep looking good”...is so true.