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Sunday, September 2, 2012


“Nobody gets healed.
Nobody heals anybody else.

Healing does not happen in time. Healing is already present, in the midst of everything you are trying to heal yourself from, just as the ocean is already present in and as every wave.

A wave is healed even in its failed attempt to reach the ocean. Beyond the story, you are already healed. And you just forget, sometimes, which is part of the healing too.”

This concept may be true;
this is where teaching of non-duality loses most of the masses.

For those suffering, and in that moment they are very much believing that which results in suffering, the idea that no-one gets healed could really contribute to more suffering.

Goodness gracious...the mind could go to a place of much hopelessness if it misinterpreted "no-body gets healed".

And look at your own experience...before and after seeing what it so...the appearance of healing may have actually happened at some level for you

And for those that have experience a shift from believing a painful story, to no longer believing it, healing is a very good word to describe that...going from a fragmented mind to wholeness often feels good and healing is a good word to describe it.
I know we are talking about two different things...nonetheless...my two cents!

When you believe you need to be healed, it assumes that something is out of place, or something is wrong.

This causes suffering and fear. Healing/wholeness come by noticing, nothing is missing.

The truth is paradoxical and this hold true for the idea of healing--healing is the recognition that there is nothing to heal because there has never been anything else.

This does seem to show forth as what appears as "healed" conditions or circumstances however.

The blind literally do see, the broken hearted are mended, etc., but nothing has actually changed; the truth that always was is simply revealed in perception.

As a "healer" the whole of the work is to know or be aware of the fact that there is never anything to heal.

The way it happens here is that there is a continual habit of the attention to contract, which is to turn back in on the separate self, the persona.

That habit can be broken, or the letting go of that contraction can be happening quickly and without noticing perhaps.

A relaxing of the body and emotions, a resting in that space of the always present healed.