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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Choose to Be Awesome regardless physical age

Most people give up their dreams when it doesn't manifest at the time they assumed it should. Often we give our dreams an expiry date before which we expect it to show up tangibly. Is this mature?

There is NO Biological clock at which you are no longer ''potent'' to dream! ;)

There is no AGE-LIMIT to dream and continue CREATING our Realities!

Every single age has it's AWESOME possibilities! Haven't we come across amazing individuals (who we unquestionably label as role models) who are OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME at diverse ages?

Why do we consider them as EXCEPTIONS to rules of our Humanity?

Weren't/ Aren't they Beings of Energy/ Souls in Human bodies too? Imagine if they gave up on their dreams after a certain NUMBER of revolutions around the Sun? ;)

Be the BEST 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 year old you CAN be! Each step has it's share of unique fun, contentment, Joy, and excitement!

We've been conditioned to believe Life's FUN should stops in our 20's. How silly?

Life begins when we DECIDE to LIVE it FULLY regardless our chronological age recorded on a piece of paper aka the birth certificate.

Our bodies are continuously renewing itself. Every cell of every organ with no exceptions! We only begin to age when we RETIRE from youthfulness.

We are Beings of Energy. Yes, you are a Being of LIGHT. You have the power to direct yOurself towards yOur dreams and watch the magic unfold...