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Thursday, September 6, 2012

So suffice to say: 'I Am' - from the place of all inclusivity - or not say at all!

"I am enlightened" is an image. 
"I am not enlightened" is another image. 
"I am a teacher" is an image. 
"I am a student" is another image. 
"I am ugly" is an image. 
"I am beautiful" is another image. 
I know, I don't know.
I am happy, I am sad.
I am right, I am wrong.
I am a success, I am a failure.
I am, I am not.
I. I. I....

And what you are, as the wide open space that embraces all images as they come and go, cannot be defined by any image, not even this image!
You are not the dream, nor the dreamer of the dream, but the vastness in which the appearance of dreamer and dream arise and fall, 

so goodnight, sweet non-existent dreamer.