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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Good Person...

Are you a good person?

When you get right down to it, this is the most important question in life.

If you are not a good person, it does not matter how many degrees you have, it does not matter how great your martial arts skills are, it does not matter how much money you make.

In the end, the bottom line is, are you a good person?

In my dictionary, a good person is the ones who helps others, who go out of his way to do nice things for others, who tries their best to protect those who can’t, who shares both his life and resources with those around him, and most of all they are honest. 

When you are honest, EVERYTHING will fall into its own places.....

You may argue that a monk who isolates himself in the wilderness is a really good person.
He doesn't wrong others, focuses on strengthening his spirit, prays, and in general, does harm to none. But is this really being a good person?

Sure the isolated monk is not harming anyone, is focused on improving himself spiritually, and is devoted to developing a relationship with the Creator, but is this enough to be considered a really good person?

If you look at the monk's action from another point of view, he could be considered very selfish and narcissistic.

If the warrior is not truly a good person inside, he is merely another narcissistic, ego driven person who is doing all that he is doing simply to make himself feel better about whom he is.

Without service to others, he is not a true warrior. 

Being a good person is truly the cornerstone of being a true warrior. If you aren't a good person, nothing else really matters when you get right down to it; you are simply another self-cantered person who has martial arts as a hobby instead of knitting or woodworking.

As I said time and time again it cost nothing to give someone a compliment or give someone a warm smile. It cost nothing to help an elderly lady with her bags. It cost nothing to listen to someone who needs someone to vent to or a shoulder to cry on.

I go for early morning walks, and one of my neighbours is in her 90's. During my walk, I take just a few seconds to take her newspaper from the street and put it at her doorstep. 
Mind you, this is a small act, but it does enable her to get her newspaper without having to walk down 5-6 steps and out to the street. She has no idea of who is doing this, and that doesn't matter. It is just a simple thing that is nice to do.

You may think that this is really not "helping" her or that it is just me trying to make myself feel good, and that there is really no good coming from this act, but you never know. 
This simple act may prevent her from falling one morning. The smallest acts of kindness can have ripples that you could never imagine. 
You simply don't know what all of the consequences of your actions may be, both the bad actions and the good actions.

Don't be concerned with the consequences or getting recognition; just do your best to help make others' lives better as you go through your day.

But then again, who knows; the law of karma is always at work. Maybe when I am an old, my daily newspapers may mysteriously appear at my front door step instead of under my car, in the middle of my flowers, or out in the street, the usual places for me to pick up my papers. The bottom line is, you should do acts such as this simply because it is the nice thing to do.

Being a truly good person is the basis for being a true human being. I will not let another day go by that I don't do something nice for as many people as I can.

Life is too short and too hard; do what you can to make the lives of those who cross your path just a little better, even if all you can do is give them a smile and treat them with respect.

To me I am a good person, regardless what others might think of me. I know who I am and I am happy and comfortable in my own skin.

Life is only travelled once; today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory. Enjoy every moment, good or bad, because the GIFT of LIFE is LIFE itself.

Tips to be Successful in Life [mine anyway];
1. I’m the best.
2. I can do it.
3. God is always with me.
4. I’m the winner.
5. Today is my day
6. My way or highway.
7. Take NO nonsense from anybody
8. Help whenever you can
9. Eat well and
10. Have fun, live your life to the fullest

Are you a good person?
What have you done for someone else today?