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Monday, September 10, 2012


'Where is my true Home?
When will my pain end?’ the homesick seeker asks.

'You are already home', answers Life, 'even in the midst of your pain'.

'But I cannot see that right now', replies the seeker.

'Of course you can't', replies Life.

'So forget trying to see it in the future,
simply rest in this present moment experience of being unable to see it.

Discover that you are Home even in this present feeling of homesickness,
even in this frustration, even in your failure to escape this moment.

To who is this all appearing right now?'

In my experience if you can rest in this moment as it is and allow a feeling such as frustration to arise fully,  then that feeling can dissolve to make way for a state of peace and happiness,
it’s a kind of alchemy...which can be used to transform lead into gold.