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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unconditional Love

Love cannot expect to be feared.

So often the two emotions are intertwined creating fear-based love aka conditional love.

As we love our family and friends, we cannot want to control them simultaneously using fear, for Love is not about setting limitations, boundaries and clipping wings, rather Love sets each others' wings Free.

What about fear of hurting those we love? 

Aren’t the two then connected?

At any given instance, we act either from a place of Love or fear. Those who genuinely Love you and vice versa would want you to be at peace and experience Joy. 

So they rejoice WITH you as you celebrate Life. If/ when Love is conditional, that is often when we fear hurting our loved ones when we assume doing/ saying something can hurt them and in return change feelings and hence alter the relationship itself.

Love is such a feeling that prevails all over the human body as well as mind. So, does not feel any fear.

Love and Contract are two different terms....... In Contract if consideration is not decided, it becomes void. 

But in love, no reward is demanded. It is pure and for free

Love is liberating freedom, in the form of energy. Spiritual and universal

Love and Be Loved unconditionally