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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Be strong!

We are strong and smart only as our convictions and beliefs.....

Your convictions and beliefs are a major part of who you are. 

Ones convictions must be as hard, sharp and useful as the steel of a sword. If they are not, they are useful for nothing more than show.

They determine your commitment to the righteous lifestyle, to your training, to your friends and family, and to your overall self-improvement.

Without strong convictions concerning right and wrong, a being has no compass for his/her life. Our convictions are the driving force behind our code of ethics.

Without a strong belief in the importance of honour and integrity, you will find that these traits become less important to you, and consequently, they will become flexible.

Situational ethics is not fitting for the warrior in us. Honour and integrity should never be compromised.

It takes a lot of courage to maintain your honour and integrity in the face of those who neither understand nor respect these qualities, and who will verbally attack you concerning your beliefs.

Without courage, you will stumble, and courage requires strong convictions. The righteous lifestyle is not the easiest path to take.

You have to believe in the value of living your life according to the strict standards that are required for this lifestyle.

You will not be successful if you don’t know why you have chosen the path of the warrior.

You have to have a strong belief in what you are doing and know why you are doing it.

Without conviction, you have a major chink in your armour.