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Friday, September 7, 2012


On your spiritual journey, there is only ONE rule to be followed-
Keep it SIMPLE!

There is a reason we grow as slowly as we do.

Simply listen to your HEART. Don't compel yourself anything. It’s the most natural absorption and emission of SELF as simple as you breathe.
Easy come, easy go. So take it SLOW.

When you switch habits overnight, it only created short circuits within your mind and system. So braid your path as naturally as you can, such that you don't feel a profound difference, rather slide over a practical spectrum as you grow.

All my life I slowly wove my way into better and better ways of BEing in every aspects of my life!!! WAIT when I reach 100!!!

It’s ironic how some are superficially complicated while others are SIMPLY Deep- Notice the Antonyms.

There is no harm diving deep as long as you keep it simple and keep going light headed.

I realized it simply via observation of my vicinity. You don't have to own fancy degrees or PhD's to ponder deep, at the same time people not keen to dive deep enough are running to various levels of complications from one to another.

Life IS SO BEAUTIFUL if you keep it NATURAL. Let the elegance SEEP in.