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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Intuition doesn't speak in words...it speaks in VIBRATION. 

It is up to us to translate those vibrations into words and then follow their subtle urgings.

Be quiet and FEEL the energy pulsing up from your heart. Express out loud what you are feeling.

IF you are on track you will experience a deep resonance throughout your entire being.
It feels true.

To start simply put your hand on your heart and say "MY spirit says,” And sees what tumbles out.

Keep on doing this until you feel satisfied. TRUST YOUR VIBES and you will stay the course of your authentic self.

To focus exclusively on the darkness in the world is to ignore and miss the light.

The Spirit of we human beings, in spite of our own dark experiences and creations, still shines brightly within us.

And better yet, there is millions of ceaselessly loving, open, generous, sweet, and intensely kind spirits worldwide blazing through the clouds of our collective learning curve, leading us to a more compassionate, creative, brighter way for the future.

I suggest we all lift our attention from any inner darkness we may be in, if only for a moment, and notice these bright lights of positivity surrounding us, because they are there.  
And hopefully, join in.

”If you want to help the miserable on this planet, do your very best not to be one of them.”   

Shining the light of our Spirit is something each one of us can do right now, today, to help alleviate the miserable darkness in this world and in our own lives as well.

Fortunately this isn’t difficult to do.  Sharing a deep breath, extending a warm smile, offering an open hand, giving a genuine thank you, having patience, acknowledging others, and being responsible for our actions, are all powerful, yet easy ways to start.

let us band together, bright beings on this earth that we are, and let us all shine on to a better way, drawing in others attracted by the light, starting right now.