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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Take care of your self first and all falls into place.

The biggest commitment you must keep is your commitment to yourself. Betrayal of the self is the highest betrayal of all. 
This is what I call Integrity, our commitment to our own ethical standards regardless of the consequences. Otherwise you are no good to anyone else anyway!

You cannot make a mistake; you can only make a decision that will be your next best step.

Changing negative concepts about ourselves feels like taking off clothes 2 sizes smaller and put on another one just our size. It feels so good!

We just need to realize that it's all about learning! 

Everything and everyone is a teacher. Always be willing to ask, 
"What am I supposed to learn from this or from him/her." That's what is meant by the saying "wisdom comes with age."

The most important thing in life is you and your spiritual evolution, the best thing is to fulfil this in relationship to your higher self, so that you may demonstrate it to the world.

I do believe we make mistakes, and terrible ones sometimes... but I also believe God let us do mistakes, he gave us the free will as a tool, with one purpose only: to build up meekness in our soul.

Caring for the self is overshadowed in our society by caring for others. The whole matrix is "outside - in" and completely backwards. 
When we live our lives inside-out then we will be in complete union with the world outside and all who inhabit it.

We cannot build up meekness when we feel we're right or righteous... I am not talking about humbleness... I am talking about meekness here; meekness is when you became wise enough to see your mistakes but also see your inner power.

Meekness, the final destination is when: we acknowledge that our own wisdom coming from life experience, our own inner power that makes us fearless whenever we are in a choice point, are simply not enough!

There is something else missing, and that is the power to surrender once you see there is a bigger picture out there, that you cannot seize it with your mind.