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Monday, September 10, 2012

Just for a laugh if nothing else...

"Atheist - You cannot prove God.

Me - Well actually.. (interrupted)

Atheist - So I BELIEVE in Infinite Potential.

Me - Well lets hook this voltmeter up shall we.. BZZT. Ups, it had a problem with infinity. So I guess you cannot prove infinite potential then.

Atheist - No no no, you don`t have to prove a negative.

Me - that is the most ridicolous thing I have heard. Beside there is logical proof of God, and also God can be experienced.

Atheist - No, I don`t believe in religion.

Me - Well, uh claiming a source for the universe, and origins for life, are quite deep themes, and does indeed cover the same subjects as faith

Atheist - no this is science, and superior intelligence.

Me - Science is reproducable fact. Intelligence is logic. You are not listening to either.

Atheist: Atheism is not theism. YOU are a THEIST.

Me - actually atheism is theism too, can you see those words theism in there?

Atheist - actually we claim to not now the origin of the universe.

Me - Atheism is a claim of no God, and a claim of knowing the origin of the universe, and that is what you debate.

Atheism - lol, then you go believe in Adam and Eve.

Me - Actually Adam and Eve were made from clay. Clay = Mud. In science you have the concept primordeal mud. They knew that since the early beginnings, and now you claim science 10000 years after suddently posess the superior knowledge?

Atheist - Then you believe in the unicorn ROFLMAO.

Me - Actually unicorns also do exist, one-horned animals DO exist.

Atheist - Then you go believe in Santa Claus LULZ!

Me - ACtually Santa Claus is a siberian shaman. He delivered psychedelic mushrooms who were hung by the fireplace to dry. They grow under pine trees, where presents now are placed.

Atheism - DUDE I USED to be a christian. Now I have changed my ways and become a better man. Realizing the universe is just a meaningless hole, and you are nothing, and can`t do nothing to change me.

Me - That is kinda offensive behaviour, man. An object does`t come and go, just by itself. I mean if you claim to be scientific, that is not at all it.

Atheist - Dude imagine the embryo once did not have defined gender-quality, and you opress your women in Islam, and whats wrong with being a gaybitch if you have erotic fantasies about men?

Me - Dude you are getting really nasty here. You were a cell too, ok? Still your atheist scientists are manipulating that cell. Imagine you sitting in that cell, and being modified. That is sick man.
Besides, claiming alcohol and shameful activity and promiscuity until one reaches 30, and then having holy marriage, that is a joke. That is abuse of women.

Atheist - No actually Darwin, has proof atleast in his skeletons.

Me - Those skeletons can just as easily be incoporated into a theory about how God has created species. Actually if you look at Darwins theory it does suppose impossible odds. 

Of course we can look at the whole atheist claim. A universe, that needs no cause, but just happens (Richard Dorkins). That is not logical, or scientific. 
Randomly arising life, from dead matter, that needs no cause. Not at all logical. Evolutionary theory, where an unspecificed force genetically alters beings to their own supposed survival, with a ultimate alteration towards the universes end. 

Not logical. And what is an ultimate goal, for a meaningless object anyway? It`s all just incoherent trash, yet you claim superior intelligence by this. Obviously Richard Dorkins should write a book "the atheist delusion", instead, which can clearly be seen here.

Evolution goes on to state that, random mutation caused a human being. Now in modern time, "mutation" is something severly bad. But to Darwin it is a good thing, something that results in new species. In reality though, this is the kind of thing that produces non-surviving offspring, or offspring with difficulties. Back in Darwin-land, this did not only produce a human. 

Which is already here impossible odds. If we should look at the "proof" of skeletons, where is the absurd amount of failed mutations, that would go along with the theory, if it should match reality?

Ofcourse we are not just talking about humans here, but all species. The whole world find a trashheap of mutants that didn`t make it.
Not only did a RANDOMLY mutated human, come into existence, in Darwin-land. 

But ANOTHER human, that was compatible, to produce offspring. Then ofcourse also in the same geographical area, and they both survived, and managed to start civilization.

For a man who posess a certain degree of intelligence, one simply uses Occams Razor here. This theory does not fit. We cut the theory, observe the facts, and say, the only possiblity is that God placed these beings here. This is the more rational thought.

Atheist - no no no you just say that because you grew up in a muslim family, and therefore are muslim. If you grew up an atheist you would be an atheist.

Me - Actually I did grow up among hedonists, and is not a hedonist. Isn`t all these statements I have confronted you on, making you think, and reevaluate, and reach a more sensible and rational and logical explanation?

Atheist - YOURE A TERRORIST, I can`t listen to a terrorist!

Me - atheism must be some kind of mental retardation. And ofcourse when the atheists ask you "well where did God come from"? That is quite evident. They seem to have large problems with understanding transcendent concepts, such as an eternal God.
The cunning of shaytan is feeble.

Atheist - You are immoral, and inhuman!

Me - actually you just earlier said the universe was meaningless therefore I was nothing.

Atheist - You can make up your own meaning! I enjoy life just like everybadda else.

Me - why are your cheecks going all red and weird?

Atheist - hehehehehe GO AWAY
it is LOVE. I am proud and brave, to accept these difficult truths of a fierecly uncaring universe.

Me - I have seen people enjoy life, in quite wilder amounts than that. It seems to be that you just want to drag yourself and other people into the mud with you. And from there you proclaim superiorty? 

That must be the utmost patheticness and self-deciet. And not even listening to sense. You willfully bar yourself into the lowest possible place, having no knowledge of the Utmost Merciful, and refusing the ways there?

And randomness is white noise. Not a coherent universe. The infinite monkey theorem is false. Reproducable science will produce white noise, at random values, not the works of Shakespeare.

All that you have based on "randomness" must be reevaluated, with considerations to white noise

Ultimately there can only be God, who created everything. And this very text, is coded into the very first moment of the universe. 

What is God trying to tell you? 
Where does these initial conditions come from? And as I said, again randomness = white noise, not ordered conditions for the run of the whole universe.

And actually when you understand that, and that the nature of life is God, you also understand that he is allknowing, knowing what all souls would do.

Peace Be With You."

Please educate me what is ‘white noise’?? This is the first time I came across such a term...thanks in advance