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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Rarest Creature on Earth...

This creature is on the most endangered list in every country.
They are so hard to find that many experts wonder if they truly exist.
Every time one dies, the world has suffered a great loss.
Several people have one or two, but most have never seen one.
They take years to truly mature and develop.
These are the most loyal of any creature on this planet.
Once you have found one, you have found a true treasure.
They wander around in every city and every state.
You probably have seen one or two in your lifetime.
They are so popular and in demand that there are many fakes.
You may have one in your life and not even realize it.
So what is this mysterious creature that sounds so great?

It is called a True Friend...

Faces we see, hearts we know not.

It is a very rare thing to truly know what is in someone's heart.

You can see what's on the face, hear what comes out of the mouth, observe the actions, but the heart is hidden.
Sincerity is so rare today that it makes knowing someone's heart even harder than ever, and you really don't know anyone until you know his or her heart.

Who do you allow to truly know you?

Why are you so careful about allowing people to know who you truly are?

These are questions everyone should ponder.

Have the courage to take off the veils and be you.

Once a person has become aware of their souls essence, love and friendship is a given.
Loving every living creature cannot be resisted, once you become the person you should be, being a true friend comes naturally...

You are, the same goes for me, I hope I am earning yours as well...