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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Balance is the ideal, but few attain it. It is in part our egos of what should we be doing or having, instead of listening to that inner voice and discovering what is real and true and worth pursuing.

To understand is to be free of ignorance. Ignorance can and does cause evil action and behaviour on our parts. To be more understanding is to less likely to be under the spell of ignorant behaviour thus being freer.

I like a future. I want fervently for a chance of possibilities of the human consciousness and as well heart, and brain. We are so gifted. The human race really is a tragedy, but it has the makings of a glorious future, if we but dare to dream and to believe in ourselves as well each other. This is a culprit, we judge, never truly understanding what is in the other person’s heart.

If we could only begin to understand, this is why I am in the field of psychology to understand, and to fix. For I want a future for our unborn children and god help me I will do everything in my power to make it so.

We do not know how to think as incredulously as that may sound, for we were never taught. It is a fine new science and a bright frontier, a frontier of possibilities, and becoming that which we were destined.

All have truths; some are more misguided than perhaps others. It is essential to see all of good in persons and work with that rather than fighting about what we don’t believe in. There are bridges called understanding.

I try to behave as some bridge builder. I don't argue, rather I reflect another individual view point and try finding some decent common ground. Obviously it isn't easy especially with an irrational being not of some understanding with respect, open-mind, and difference in opinions and unique view in reality.

Set your mind to dispense with the all the "LABELS" for we are one. 

The art of "Thinking” has been lost by the fact of "Relying on others has become a way of life" for so many. 

We are each individuals!