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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Freedom Is A State Of Mind

The world class criminals not only find a way around the laws for themselves, but use them to bind the good people to make sure there is injustice on the playing field.

The ignorant have been brainwashed to believe that good people control the government, that it answers to them, to bind criminals. But even in Plato's time, it was the case that a monopoly on power corrupts absolutely.

The criminals secretly use the government to bind people with laws from which they have exempted themselves using legalese, legal loopholes, fraudulent conveyance of language, and high paid legal and accounting professionals.

So no law is a solution???
Well, no laws where there are no victims is the answer, yes. Even a majority has no right to presume to run someone else's life and then to become violent if the person does not submit to someone else's personal lifestyle, opinions or sensibilities. To be violent with someone who has violated no other is deeply wrong. Most of us never consented to be bound by this evil system.