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Monday, September 3, 2012


Changing values are the sign of a maturing society.

You are growing into a larger version of yourself. 

You are changing your values all the time as you gather new information, as you bring in new experiences and discover new ways of looking at things, as you redefine Who You Are.

Change is the most important aspect of life and all things. 
Without change we are not really living! 
This I give myself permission to do, to change anything at any given time.

You have to change and grow, that's a given...however, don't forget that there some values and morals that are above and beyond anything new...they are the old fashioned values of love, family, and being your own person. 

These do not change

And I am who I really am. I am. It's so simple and it took me forever to get it. But now I simply am.

I knew and I know MY SELF ; its only all said in words .. In many different words by many different persons.

All ideas about yourself come and go. You think you're enlightened, you think you're unenlightened. You think you know everything, you think you know nothing. You think you're a teacher, you think you're a student.
And all these ideas float by, like leaves in the wind, like clouds in the sky.
What remains?

Nothing and everything and only me who I am remain, a peaceful emptiness - that is always there.