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Monday, September 17, 2012


Happiness release me
With Love's grace quilt for me
Pillowed wings of clouds
So that I may effortlessly float
High into bluest silken sky
Past the moon made of cheese
And to the diamond twinkling stars beyond
Place gently my bare feet
In high mountain, dawn dew damped meadow
Feather soft, moist blades of emerald grass
Dancing playfully between my toes
Lay my naked body in tranquil sea, buoyed by joy
So I may float blissfully cross oceans vast to distant shore
Every sandy beach and snow capped fjord
Time my Loving heart to beat in rhythm
With the raging, undeniable furnace of Life
That pumps tirelessly at Mother's core
I remember NOW
I am at home
In happiness
At One
In Love
In God
All ways...