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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My dad always said, "Remember to laugh. The situation may be critical, but it's never serious"

This morning I overslept. Struggling to wake up I forced myself to open my eyes, stood up, and found my way to the shower.

The deep satisfaction I had felt the day before still lingered, but my body was having none of it. It was tired and not ready to dive into another day’s work quite yet.

Ignoring my body’s needs, my mind pushed forward and thus began a head versus body struggle that lasted all day.

I had made commitments that I wanted to keep and yet physically I was running on empty.

My mind loves to create and loses all sense of time and space when I enter the creative vibration. My heart loves to connect and share and engage with others.

And my body wants to share in the vibration of love as well by suiting up and showing up. But unlike my mind and heart, my body has a different set of requirements to keep up the vibration that the heart and mind want to maintain.

And embarrassingly, I often forget to take these requirements fully into account as I arrange my day. And when I ignore what my body needs, my loving vibration takes a nosedive.
I become agitated.
I feel cranky and irritable.
I have more difficulty listening, or being present for others; and I overreact to noise and other dissonant energies around me.

If we try to do too much or have too many obligations snipping at our heels, the best of our loving intentions can implode into stress, irritation, and even depression because we simply cannot catch our breath.

This is a tricky challenge, especially for the more ambitious among us, me included. I love life and don’t want to miss any of it; not a single moment.

Living in the spirit of love is for the long haul .We must slow down and pace ourselves so we avoid the emergency mode of breathless overwork and exhaustion. 

As I write this I’m shaking my head and smiling because this is so clearly a lesson I must learn. I know my Higher Self is writing this through me to me.

It is only when we refuse to allow our ambitious and overly active minds to bury us alive with its endless “to do” list that we can genuinely live in the spirit of love for more than a sprint or mad dash.

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is nothing. 

This doesn’t mean nothing is being done however. It simply means when you step back, the Universe can step in and do its part for you. 
So, with a cup of tea in one hand, a novel in another, and nothing on my agenda all day, I send you all my love from my relaxed and peaceful heart.