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Monday, September 24, 2012


Sincerity is an openness of heart that is found in very few people.

What we usually see is only an artful disguise people put on to win the confidence of others.

Beware that most people act out of some kind of agenda and are not completely sincere or open about who they are or what they want from you.

There are very few people that you can trust completely - true warriors should be one of those few.

Your word should be your honour.

Live your life with sincerity, honesty, and honour, and set yourself apart from the insincere people playing their games.
Be who you seem to be.

What I have found out however is that when you really live with honour you can easily unmask those who clothe themselves in hypocrisy

The more you live with honour and meditate and get your life focused, the more clearly you see into many things, not just hypocrisy.

I find that people tend to be drawn to genuinely sincere people more and more lately.

They are tired of the slick "Sales-person" mentality.

It seems like people are getting tired of the slick talking sales person because people are getting a little smarter and a least a little less gullible,
but there are still plenty of sheep out there getting sheared by misleading, exterior appearances.