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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Indisputably true....

Some of us simply can't be controlled by others, no matter how hard they may try. The sooner they accept this reality, the less miserable they will be.

It is only the dominating ego who claims ownership, and may just be some form of karma after some other form of dharma.

Be assertive..

Are there any theories which can control others without their personal will?
I can't find it.

No one should try to live a life controlled by others .
But sometimes choices are made for them at a time they were not mature enough to make decisions on their own and later it became difficult to rebel, create the life that you want!

Each individual should have that opportunity!


I will not "serve" anyone!

No one will control me!

Anyone who tries to is part of the "master/ slave" problem on this planet!

We all have "FREE WILL"!!!

We need governments, societies and relationships that respect the FREE WILL of every person on the planet.

Do not violate my FREE WILL!!! I will not violate yours!!!