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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Religion is God?

Whenever someone tries to start some over-heated, under-thought out, debate about religion and why one religion is the true religion of God, I ask one question,
"What religion is God?"

At first, I get a short silent pause, then I get what you might expect - 
God is a ____ of course! 
This blank is usually filled in with whatever religion the person that I am talking to is.

If I happen to be talking to a Mormon, God is of the Mormon faith, if I happen to be talking to a Christian, God is of the Christian faith,  if I happen to be talking to a Muslim, ‘you are not allowed to ask such question’ and so on.

Then the conversation gets a little more interesting after my next question, 
"What was God before that?"

This time the silent pause is a good bit longer. Let's examine that...

If God is of the Mormon religion, which originated in 1830, what religion was God before 1830? 

Well, God must have been a Christian and then refined and changed His beliefs? 

Well, okay, let's just say for the sake of argument that this person is correct; then what was God before Christianity, or did God only become religious a couple thousand of years ago?

The answer that I usually get from this is, of course before Christianity, God was obviously Jewish, because before the New Testament, there was the Old Testament, then the New Testament replaced the Old Testament and Christianity replaced Judaism.

Hummmmm... Okay, let's say that is correct, but what was God before Judaism?
After all, God created the world, so God must be older than 4,000 years old, right?

Maybe God started out Hindu, after all, Hinduism is older than Judaism.

Usually the response that I get at this point is that I am just a "nonbeliever" and am just trying to confuse the issue, and the conversation is abruptly ended, or I get the ever useful, 
"You just don't understand."

And even if someone does agree that God must have started the Hindu religion, 
what religion was God before Hinduism? 
Hinduism is only 4,000 to 5,000 years old, so God was obviously around before Hinduism, right?

This argument just includes some of the major religions, but can be applied to all of them.

Is Islam, which originated around 600 CE, the only true religion?
If so, why did God waste thousands of years of human existence before He started the "true religion?"
Did God just not care about anyone until "the Great Prophet" came along?

That wouldn't be very nice and loving...

Even inside individual religions, people can't seem to agree on things. In fact, people disagree so much that they cannot even worship together; they have to establish different denominations or build their own church because the other church is just not teaching God's truth. The debate seems to go on and on, with the only "facts" being what a certain group of individuals agree to as being the "truth."

Nobody can answer the real question at hand, the question that would prove that they are right - what religion is God?

Or maybe they really can answer it, but they refuse to admit the true answer because that answer conflicts with what they chose to believe.

Hummmmm... People can't entertain thoughts that are contrary to their beliefs; that would go against their faith or be sacrilegious or blasphemous.

After all, you aren't supposed to question the church, just have faith and believe what you are being told. You have to understand the priest, preachers, and holy men are special and know more than you.

Don't you know these men are above reproach?
Haven't they proved this too everyone over the years time and time again?
Just look at their actions and let them speak for themselves... Aren't their actions above reproach?

The answer to my question seems very obvious to me - God has no religion. Religion is manmade. The answer that I usually receive when I finally make this statement is,
 "Of course God has no religion, but He did inspire so and so to start the one true religion. God spoke through his chosen one to bring us the truth."

Well, seeing how honest the majority of people on this planet are, I prefer to get my information from the Source, not from hearsay.

The Kingdom of God is inside each of us, so why do we need some other person to translate God to us?

If God is no "respecter of persons," ,then the preacher, priest, holy man, etc. is no more important than you or me and is no more qualified to speak to or hear from God than you or me.

Maybe it is time for everyone to go to the Source instead of other people's ideas concerning the Source.

The water that comes from this spring does not need any purification. It does not need anything added to it; it does not need to be filtered.

If you are searching for the truth, go to the Source; go to the Root.

The "branches" are not the source of life - the Root is the Source. Go to the Source and forget the debate about which branch is the best or the original - none of them are the Source.

So PLEASE once again DO NOT speak of RELIGION to me for I don’t belief in a man made word.

Quran, Bible and so is the other 2 books before that (so they said) is NOT a religious book, it is a book of guidance to the righteous life!!!

I refused to be labelled; I am NOT a Muslim or a Christian nor a Hindu or a Buddhists!

I AM a human being and a believer...ONE God for ALL!!!

There is NO such thing called RELIGION!

As Quran neither calls towards a religion, nor preaches a religion; therefore, it will be a serious mistake to offer the concept of a religion through Quran. 

Live with Honour! the way of life, the righteous life! Nothing more nothing less.

ONE God for all Humanity...


Quran, Bible and so is the other 2 books before that is NOT a religious book, it is a book of guidance to the righteous life!!! To me all these books are like dictionary, when I’m lost for words those are the books I consult and refer to, but since Quran is the last book so Quran it is. I refused to be labelled; I am NOT a Muslim or a Christian nor a Hindu or a Buddhists! I AM a human being and a believer...ONE God for ALL!!!