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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Action or motive?????

All actions are judged by the motives that cause them - Hadith

Actions should be judged by intentions.
Your actions are not right, no matter what the actual outcomes are, unless the intentions behind those actions are right.

Search your heart and make sure your intentions are honourable, and then you can have confidence in your actions.
You... can't do wrong right, but you can do right, wrong if your intentions and motivations are skewed.

Does being a good man or woman depend on the opinion of others or the recognition of others?
Of course not....
Doing what is right and living your life according to your own values and standards, depends solely on you.

You decide how you will live your life.

Furthermore, your actions can be misinterpreted by others.

Other people are not privy to the intentions behind your actions. They only see what they want to see.

What may seem like a dishonourable act to those on the outside may be completely honourable and just.
Always be aware of this when you are tempted to judge someone else.
And DON'T you give the crap that you can read what's in my head.

It is the intentions behind the act which make it honourable or dishonourable.

You can indeed be a wonderful person without another being aware of this fact, but if you give of yourself to others, you can be assured that there will be many who will realize how special and good you truly are.

I was counselling someone very close to me about this just last night. One interesting issue came up. Without getting into too much detail, my friend was having a moral dilemma about moving forward with an action, because she was angry with the individual. Knowing her situation, I reminded her that her anger was legitimate and not petty. I then asked her to remove her anger at the individual from the equation. If what she wanted to do was still fair, balanced, and legal then she should go forward with it, but if any of those criteria were out of place then she should consider holding off or adjusting her position. It was an interesting lesson for me.

Many times people try to take minor petty things and hold them up as offenses on some sort of moral high grounds. Then you have those who take major offenses and transgressions and want to bury them to protect and excuse the offenders. In either case no one involved is served.

Most times, things are not what they initially appear to be...