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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You will receive answers from your heart only when you ask questions of your heart....

You must learn to listen to your intuition concerning all things. 

Meditate and listen to what your heart has to tell you. It will lead you concerning important decisions, but it takes practice to learn to quiet your mind and listen to your heart. 
This is why you should meditate. 

Meditation teaches you to control your mind, to quiet the mind and listen to your spirit, and is a vital part of being. I know that many will disagree with this point and say that this is just mystical mumbo-jumbo, 
but if you ignore this part of your training, 
you will be missing an important piece of the warrior’s skills. 

While it is true that the being needs to think rationally in every situation, many times the mind just don’t know what to do. 
This is when you must look inside. 
The spirit does know what to do. It can be hard sometimes, to act on the information that you receive from your heart, because sometimes it can make no sense.

It takes practice to learn to have confidence in your intuition and to listen to what your spirit is guiding you to do. This confidence only comes through practice. 
This is a skill just like all the other being skills and has to be developed in order to be ready for use when it is needed. 

Practice calming your mind and just listening to your heart throughout the day. 
Then act on what you hear. 
Don’t just ignore it thinking it is only your thought processes and not really your intuition speaking to you. 

You have to learn to trust your intuition, and this trust only comes through practice and experience.