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Saturday, July 6, 2013


"A woman’s energetic structure is receptive.  She absorbs into her body and transmits emotions by physical contact.
A woman embraces all energies with which she comes in contact and emanates the quality of herself through feelings and through the sentient capacity of her mind.
Without any need for words, she is the perfect vehicle for the transformational activity of Consciousness, but many women still don’t know this. 
Instead of being joyful participants in the elevating process of humanity, many women find themselves weighed down by the negative quality of emissions in our world.

Today, whatever is dark and secretive acquires a mystique that is negative, if not dangerous.

The association of devilry and evil, blood, death, deformity and mental imbalance with entertainment makes the danger appear exotic, adventurous, and fascinatingly intense.

This attitude is especially detrimental to women.  One might say that it is “harmless”, but underneath the cover of appearances and sensory excitement, another process is taking place.
Apparently, there is nothing wrong in watching a horror film while eating popcorn and caring for a baby, but the message transmitted is non-verbally imbedded into the feeling world of all who are present.

What is unsettling, incongruous, and utterly impossible is when the same people who enjoy the macabre vie for the favours of a world of Light. 
Life is a lot more complex than meets the eye. It is more delicate and far faster than professed desires for peace and light. 
Each human act, thought, and feeling, attracts an augmented return. 
We become the concrete manifestation of the world we build progressively.

The constitution of a human being, as spirit dressed in matter, responds to two principles that manifest through the material world: brute force and sensitivity. 
Matter is predicated on tension and force, whereas spirit or consciousness is guided by sensitivity.

Darkness and light, in essence, are one fluid movement that flows from infinite space through condensation, dissolution and back to it, to repeat the process again and again. 
Night would not be dark without the day, and the sun would not exude its brilliance if it were not immersed in a sea of unlimited darkness. 

Such is the destiny and perfect balance of Creation.  Unfortunately, this is not so in our thinking, and by extension in our human reality, where things are reduced to immediacy and tangibility. 
As a result, the darkness that could be rich and nourishing as a principle of repose is replaced by an imitation based on sensory overload. 

Eternal darkness, the backdrop for Creation, is smooth, soft, luminously rich, like highly polished black lacquer, whereas the darkness of human creation is matte, ugly, hard and lustreless.
The root of the imbalance and negativity that condition “the shadows” lies with our ignorant fixation on matter.
We are not aware that our clinging to safety, possessions, money, and relationships are expressions of the law of matter, its need to have and to hold, and its brute force.
We don’t understand that every time we recoil from the unexpected, the spontaneous, and unwilling to release and let go of people and conditions in our lives, we also act on the need of matter to define, grasp and secure.

The purpose of matter or the physical world is to create and hold forms.  Particles of substance cling to themselves in various degrees of density.
This is their objective: to solidify. 

Our bodies and everything connected to our material existence, meaning our emotions and the linear mind, obeys this impulse. 
Our consciousness, on the other hand, directs subtle atoms to seek mobility and greater spaciousness; these generate light and call for matter to return to source. 

Every incarnation is an opportunity to learn to hold, create, and construct without solidifying our creations to the point where they possess us and we identify with them.

Where we place our mind, as focus and importance, determines us.  When we give importance to something, we place it on the altar of our Being; it becomes our “God”. 
When our mind is wholly focussed on material affairs, the body-mind-feeling complex responds by adapting to it.
Finer sensitivities are progressively buried under the heaviness of material considerations. 

As a result, figuratively and in a way literally, the human being grows roots, like tentacles, into the very crust of the earth.  Instead of rooting our Consciousness in the core or heart of the earth as we are meant to, our faculties and our very identity becomes one with the creations that we give shape to.
We become dark and coarse. 

Instead of finding nourishment and repose in the darkness of infinity, we colour it with the secrets of our libido and the hidden agenda of pornographic, exploitative thoughts.

Freedom is a condition of the soul and spirit.  To presume that there is freedom in matter would be to negate its nature.  In its origin, the human being is divine.  Its wings, like Liberty, respond to the premise of the light in action, within the world. 

Freedom while doing and having requires intelligent understanding of the two laws and the balance that only Consciousness brings.
This is the very opposite of conditionality.  Learning to administrate matter while perched on the sentient-intelligence of soul requires another kind of thought, one that is attuned to the perfect chaos of the Universe. 
It requires the quality of the feminine mind.

The force of love – the kind issued by an illumined woman – has enough power of the kind needed to unfetter the layers of density that encase a human being tied to form.  Her energy resonates within the very womb of the planet, the source of matter itself. 

It is known in the esoteric world that, in order to rise beyond the call of matter, every man must be embraced by the invincible power of a woman’s heart.  Often it is a mother; sometimes it is a lover, a sister or a friend.

In the Human realm, there are “angels” of the shadows and there are “angels” of light.
The former bind them inexorably to the principle of density in matter in an ever-intensifying urge to exert power over Creation.
The latter respond to the law of spirit, becoming diaphanous, expressive, inclusive, and compassionate, the very soul of divinity that, as the Feminine Principle, enfolds all of life, light as well as dark."