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Friday, July 26, 2013

Respecting Each Other...

Each of us loves to create in a particular way and when we celebrate, rather than fear that, all our work becomes collaborative, rather than competitive.

It is not that we become a single unit. 

Although there are curious possibilities for how technology and biology are going to interface as both explorations advance, 
the reality is that we don't have to plug into the competing narrative. 

We can remain open to hearing the music come through our hearts, rather than our senses.

I left because I had an ethical question about the entire nature of sharing and the only way I could figure it out was to destroy it and really dive into the question:

"Does the one who shares keep the ones who searches searching?"

The answer to this is no. 

The nature of organisms is such that "intelligence" seeks to adjust to threats to the structure. If the self-identity evolves the ability to probabilistically examine possible futures through comparison of objects stored in memory, it is going to encounter the possible reality of the body's death.

This leads to an inherent anxiety in the nervous system because no matter what it does, it knows it is going to die. 
The mental feature of constructing a safety net concept is not a hoax. It is an adaptation. The hardest part of how it is packaged is most people who share are asserting to possess something beyond belief. 
The only thing that can obviously be beyond belief is the direct experience happening right now. 
This is literally unbelievable because we don't fully know what it is yet. It is apparently in motion.

What I discovered was that as long as I am upfront, it is all good. 

I experience us to be a Presence that has no actual substance at the centre.
I do not assert it as absolute fact. It is simply the most probable interpretation of the nature of my experience and so 
I share it as a possibility because, and this is where the "intelligence" comes in, when someone is hurting, they look for a way to stop the pain. 

Narrative pain is no different than physical pain. 
When we tell a story that hurts, it sucks.

Telling the truth about how we feel and think is the only thing we can do here besides lie about how we feel and think. 

We don't have to agree to respect that we exist as creative beings. 

In this spirit, I welcome your perspective any time you feel moved to share it.